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Ballet dancer dancing in black leotard

Why choose JE Dancehouse?

Toowoomba’s finest dance school

  • A variety of dance genres
  • Catering for children of all ages from 2 years of age
  • Qualified, professional teachers
  • An elite and personal studio that follows world renown syllabus
  • A professional, caring and nurturing environment
  • Three fully equipped professional dance studios with the latest eqipment

Our Classes

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JE Dancehouse proudly offers an unparalleled variety of professional dance classes catering for all ages and abilities. Our classes include RAD Classical Ballet, Irish Dance, CTSD Jazz and Tap Dancing, Contemporary, Acrobatics, Hip Hop and Musical Theatre. We believe in producing quality over quantity so at our elite studio you can be assured that your child will receive the very best tuition from our dedicated teachers.

For more information on the dance styles and classes on offer at JE Dancehouse, please click the links below.