Uniform Requirements

2022 JE Dancehouse Uniform Specification

School Identity

At JE Dancehouse,we ask that all students wear the specified JE Dancehouse uniform to class (except for free trial classes). We take pride in our appearance and our students. As such, our studio uniform promotes unity within our classes and ensures our students are able to perform to the best of their ability and teachers can easily identify and correct alignment and technique.

All uniform items are available for purchase directly through our in-house uniform shopLillian by Lana, phone 0400 481 607.

Specific uniform requirements for each dance class/style are listed below.

ClassLeotard – TopBottomsWinter OptionsHair AccessoriesShoes
Mummy and Me
Twinkle Feet
Junior Ballet
JE Dancehouse Tutu White socks
Ballet tights
Pink x-overMatching hair bowLeather ballet shoes
Primary Ballet
JE Dancehouse leotard – baby blueCapezio baby blue skirt
White socks
Ballet tights
Pink x-overMatching hair bowLeather Ballet Shoes
Grade 1-4 Ballet JE Dancehouse leotard:
Grade 1 – jacaranda
Grade 2 – mulberry
Grade 3 – marine
Grade 4 – deep purple
Character skirt
Ballet tights
Black x-overMatching hair bowLeather ballet shoes
Character shoes:
Grades 1-2 – low heel
Grades 3-4 – Cuban heel
Grade 5-8 Ballet JE Dancehouse leotard:
Grade 5 – berry
Grade 6 – port
Grade 7 – cornflour
Grade 8 – black
Character skirt
Ballet tights
White chiffon skirt Grades 6 – 8
Black x-overMatching hair bowLeather ballet shoes
Cuban heel character shoes
Inter Foundation
Adv 1 and 2 Ballet
JE Dancehouse leotard – blackBallet TightsLeather ballet shoes Pointe shoesLeather ballet shoes
Pointe shoes: Inter Foundation and Inter
Demi pointe shoes: Adv 1 and 2
Boys BalletJE Dancehouse leotard – black Black tightsBlack ballet shoes
Hip Hop
Musical Theatre
JE Dancehouse Shirt OR
JE Dancehouse Leotard – black

JE Dancehouse Shirt

JE Dancehouse 3/4 Pants
JE Dancehouse Shorts

JE Dancehouse Shorts

JE Dancehouse Spray JacketGirls: Mulberry hair bow Jazz, Hip Hop and Musical Theatre:
Black slip on jazz shoes

Black tap shoes

Irish soft shoes (and hard shoes if requested by Miss Jameille)

Foot undies and knee pads